Honda plans to invest 8 trillion yen (equivalent to about 406.65 billion yuan) for research and development in the next 10 years, of which about 5 trillion yen (equivalent to about 254.15 billion yuan) will be invested in electrification and software technology.

In addition to investing more in research and development, Honda has also set other goals, with new prospects for models and production. By 2030, Honda plans to launch 30 electric vehicle models globally with an annual output of more than 2 million vehicles.

Honda will also put more effort into battery production. It is reported that Honda will invest 43 billion yen (equivalent to about 2.18 billion yuan) to build a solid-state battery assembly production line, and further accelerate research and development, with the goal of starting demonstration production in the spring of 2024.

At the beginning of 2022, Honda said it would fully launch its pure electric vehicle business. Honda Minister Katsuhiro Inoue said: "Strive to sell 800,000 pure electric vehicles by 2030." Honda plans that by 2030, pure electric vehicles will account for 40% of new car sales, hybrid vehicles account for 60%, and the overall sales volume Reach 2 million vehicles, and strive to increase by 30% compared with 2021